Building Maintenance



Graffiti is a public nuisance. Therefore, every effort must be made to remove graffiti as quickly as possible henever and wherever it occurs. It is unlawful for any person who is the owner, or who has primary responsibility for control of property, to permit property that is defaced with graffiti to remain defaced for 10 days after service by first class mail of notice of defacement.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement 311

It is unlawful for any person to apply graffiti. To report graffiti application in progress, call 9-1-1.

Non-criminal disposition ($300 Ticket First Offense)

Criminal MGL S71 C 266 126 B

Emergency Notification

 (State Sanitary Code 410.481)

All non-owner occupied housing units shall have posted in lobbies, or similar publicly accessible locations, the telephone number of its owner or agent for twenty-four hour emergency notification.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department 311

$50 Ticket

Smoke Detectors


All buildings containing three or more dwelling units shall be equipped with approved smoke detectors.

Enforcement: Fire Department 787-6410

Numbers on Buildings


Street numbers, as assigned by the DPW, must be placed on buildings and maintained by their owners.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department 311

$50 Ticket


(ZO III; 301; 7a)

Up to three lodgers can be rented rooms in a dwelling. More than three lodgers requires a lodging house permit from the City Council and can be issued only in Residence C and various non-residential zones.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department 311

$100 per day court fine

Home Occupations

(ZO III; 307.13)

The only occupations/professional offices allowed in residential zones are architect, artist, dentist, doctor, electrologist, hair-dresser, lawyer, manicurist, musician, practitioner of acupunc-ture and teacher provided that the office or room is located in a dwelling in which there shall be no outside employees who are not members of the household. An architect, dentist, doctor, lawyer, and acupuncture practitioner are allowed no more than 1 employee who is not a member of the household.

Home Offices

(ZO III; 307.12)

Operator must reside in the dwelling and can only be assisted at that location by other resident family members. All on-site business must be conducted exclusively by phone, mail, or computer. The operator cannot receive customers at home. No commercial vehicles associated with the business are permitted on or near the property. f a vehicle is used by the operator for the business, it shall contain no advertising, and no accessory or non-accessory signs are permitted.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department 787-6031

$50 Ticket


(ZO III; 307; 7)

An office is allowed in a residential zone in a person’s permanent home only if all on-site business is conducted exclusively by telephone, mail, or computer; if no customers come to the home; if there is no commercial pick up or delivery of products; and if there is no hired help from outside the home.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department 787-6031

Litter in Common Areas


Halls, cellars, garages, sheds, porches, and other common areas of multi-family residences must be kept free of litter.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department 311

1st offense $100 ticket 2nd offense $200 ticket 3rd offense $300 Ticket

Litter on Private and Public Property


It is illegal to throw litter on occupied or vacant private or public property. Owner must maintain property free from litter at all times.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department 787-6030

1st offense $100 ticket 2nd offense $200 ticket 3rd offense $300 Ticket

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