Business Licenses & Regulations

Hawkers and Peddlers

 279 – article 1

Going from place to place selling fruit, vegetables, or fish requires a license from the Police Clerks Office

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6310

$50 Ticket

Charitable Solicitations

279 - 21

Public solicitation for charitable purposes requires a license from the City Clerk. 787-6094. Exempt are religious groups, schools, colleges, and political parties.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6352 

$50 Ticket

Transient Vendors

279 - 25

Sale of goods by a temporary or transient business requires a local transient vendor’s license from the City Clerk (787-6094) as well as any necessary state licenses.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6352 $100 Ticket


27 - 1

Handbills must not be place on trees, fences, unoccupied vehicles, or buildings.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6352

$50 Ticket

Tag Sales


Tag sales require a permit from the City Clerk. 787-6094. No one can hold more than four tag sales per year.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6302

$50 Ticket



Horn use is prohibited for the purpose of announcing presence and/or to call upon a fare. $25 fine.


Smoking (conduct rules) is not allowed in a taxi cab at any time, with or without a fare present.

$25 Fine 1st violation, $50 fine 2nd violation.  Transporting unaccompanied passengers under the age of 16 is prohibited.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6352 and the Springfield Taxi and Livery Commission at 886-5300

Ice Cream Truck Vending

Permit required from the city to engage in Ice Cream Truck Vending G.L. c.270 25 and 520 CMR 15.00 et sqt. as amended. Also required is a Hawker and Peddler License from the State

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