Storefront Improvement Program

Program Manager: Marcos Gonzalez (413) 750-2810 Email:

The CDBG Storefront Grant program is designed to assist neighborhood businesses located within CDBG eligible areas complete basic storefront improvement projects. Funding is available for up to $25,000 per storefront. Property owner applicants require a 100% match per project. Business owner applicants require a 10% match per project. Please review the application guidelines for full details and requirements of the program. 

Prior to applying, please review the Application Guidelines.

Applications should be completed online at: Storefront Program Application

Property Owner & Business Owner Signature Page

NOTE: Proposed projects are required to fulfill basic requirements of the CDBG program, particularly as they relate to job creation goals, elimination of slum and blight, project impact upon the environment, and the Davis/ Bacon Act. The City of Springfield during the application process will advise applicants of these requirements. Applications cannot proceed until all required documentation is received. 

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