Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

     1)  How do I become a Springfield Police Officer?

  • You must first take and pass the Massachusetts Civil Service Exam and you must reside in the City of Springfield for one full year prior to the date of the exam

     2)  I have additional questions about the Civil Service Exam who should I contact?

  • Do not contact the Springfield Police Academy directly, please contact Civil Service at (617) 8789700 or

      3)  When is the Civil Service Exam given?

  • The test is administered by the state every two years

       4) When is the next Civil Service Exam?

       5) When do I need to sign up by?

  • As early as possible based on the schedule provided in the link in FAQ #4.  In 2019, the test was administered in February and signups began in November of the prior year. 

       6) How much does it cost to take the Civil Service Exam?

  • The 2019 exam was $100

      7) Is there a minimum age to become a Springfield Police Officer?

  • You must be 21 years old at the time of appointment

      8) Is there a maximum age to become a Springfield Police Officer

  • You cannot be older than 65, as Massachusetts law requires Police Officers to retire at 65. 

      9) What educational experience is required?

  • You must be a high school graduate or have received your G.E.D.

     10) Do I need to have a college degree or college credits?

  • It is not required that you attended college

     11) How long is the training/Police Academy

  • It is approximately a 6 month process

    12) Can I work another job while attending the Police Academy?

  • No, you cannot have any other outside employment.  Recruits in the Police Academy do get paid and receive benefits. 

   13) Do I need to have a License to Carry (LTC) to become Springfield Police Officer?

  • No, but you need to have the ability to obtain a License to Carry (LTC).


  14) Do prior arrests or citations make me ineligible to take the Civil Service Exam?

  • The Civil Service Exam is open to the public. To be accepted into the Springfield Police Academy; A) you need the ability to obtain a License to Carry in Massachusetts, B) you need the ability to obtain a Massachusetts drivers’ license and C) you must successfully complete a background investigation. 

  15) Do I need to be a resident of the city of Springfield?

  • You need to establish residency in the city for one year prior to taking the Civil Service Exam.  You can move after you take the exam, but must return to live in the city if you are hired.  You do not need to maintain residency between when you take the Exam and you are hired.

  16) I passed the Civil Service Exam and was accepted in an Academy class, which will not be complete  by the time the next Civil Service Exam is held.  Should I retake the Exam?

  • It is a personal decision, but recommended that you do retake the exam for various reasons that you may lead you to not complete the Academy.

   17) How long after the Civil Service Exam is certified will people be selected from that list?

  • Approximately two years, or until the next list is certified.  Once a new list is certified the old list is no longer considered.

  18) How will I be notified if I passed the exam?

  • Civil Service which is run by the Commonwealth will notify you of your score. 

  19) I passed the Civil Service Exam, when will I be notified by the Springfield Police Department?

  • You will be notified is the Springfield Police Department has reached your name on the eligibility entry list.  At this point you will be asked to officially sign the certified list and then fill out an application packet.  You will have seven days to return the packet and follow all instructions completely.  If all paperwork is completed successfully an investigation will begin your background check.  Once successfully completed you will have a formal interview before the Command Staff and the Police Commissioner.  If you pass the interview you will be asked to complete a medical examination and then a physical assessment.  After successful complete of all the assessments you will be offered conditional seating in the Police Academy Recruit Class.  Orientation begins approximately three to four weeks before the next Academy.  Passing the Exam does not guarantee you a spot in the Police Academy.   Applicants are accepted by score and needs.  The Springfield Police Department will contact you if you are accepted, don’t call us. 

    20) Do you live at the Springfield Police Academy during training?

  • No, you do not live at the Springfield Police Academy during the approximately 6 months of training.  You are responsible for arriving before the day begins and carpooling is highly suggested. 

    21) When do you work during the Springfield Police Academy?

  • You will work during all shifts throughout your training, including but not limited to overnights, weekends, holidays and in inclement weather. 

    22) How many people are selected from a Civil Service Certified List?

  • This varies widely as it is need based. From the 2017 exam, Springfield selected approximately 55 recruits.  Not all recruits in every class are seeking entry in the Springfield Police Department.  Some recruits are from other municipalities in Massachusetts. 

    23) How much does it cost for the Springfield Police Academy?

  • You must pay for the written examination, which is $100.  There is a $150 Physical Abilities Test Fee.  Then you must have your required gear by day one of the Academy.  This could cost in excess of $1000.  The Springfield Police Department does not require all of the items on the Municipal Police Training Committee’s list, but see the link to get an idea of what may be required. 

           2017 Equipment List

           There is no tuition fee for Springfield Police Recruits to take part in the Academy, as you are paid by the city of Springfield.

    24) What type of physical condition must I be in to start the Police Academy?

  • You are expected to be in excellent physical condition when you begin the Academy.  In July 2019, an entrance physical exam will be implemented before beginning the Academy.  It will consist of a time run, pushups, sit-ups and 300m dash. 

     25) Does any person gain an advantage for passing the Civil Service Exam?

  •  Disabled Veterans, Veterans, Police Cadets, Firefighters and children of Police Officers killed in the line of duty will move to the top of the Certified List

    26) I am or was a Police Officer elsewhere; will my experience be counted in the Springfield Police Department?

  • If you are a police officer in another municipality, you will need to take the Civil Service Exam and go through the Springfield Police Academy.  Transfers are based on the discretion of the Police Commissioner and at this time, the current Commissioner does not accept transfers.  Please refer to Civil Service and the Municipal Police Training Committee for questions about waivers. 

***The Springfield Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer

***The Springfield Police Department abides by a consent decree for minority hiring. 

***The Springfield Police Department is a Civil Service Department, not every Police Department in Massachusetts is run through Civil Service, please contact individual Department’s for their requirements. 

***All of this information is accurate as of January 9th, 2019, but is subject to change. 


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