Historical Photographs

The Springfield Police Department photo archive has some unique historical images. Some of the images are labeled; some are unknown in origin. If you'd like to help solve the puzzle for some the images, write and let us know.

We are always interested in historical information and contributions to this growing archive. If you have any historical information about the Springfield Police Department; former Chief's, officers, events, or any other information, or photos, please contact the Webmaster or  Deputy William Cochrane.

We received a group photograph, below, from Detective Vincent Ross of the Auburn Police Dept. His grandfather, Alexander Ross, third from left, front row, worked for the SPD. The photo is circa 1917. If you know anything more about this photo or some of the other people in it, please let us know.

Can you I.D. them?

The photos below were sent with a request to identify the officers; the photos date to circa 1917.

Chief William Quilty

Police Wagon

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